Whey protein is a protein that is easier and quicker to absorb than protein found in most foods. Protein is required to repair the muscle.

When you consume protein the tears get repaired. Not only do these tears get repaired to their original state, but, rather, the tears are then more adaptive to exercise,

thus leading to strength gains.


Our Whey Iso 100 is one of the most pure whey products on the market far outstripping many competitors when it comes to the concentration of protein and the low levels of both fat 

and lactose. This low level of lactose makes this product prefect for those who have digestion problems caused by other whey or protein products. 

Whey Iso 100 contains high levels of bioactive peptides that help support muscle growth, immune system and recovery and represents the highest level of microfiltered, 

undenatured whey proteins on the market.


Recovery happens between training sessions; this is where your body adapts, grows and comes back stronger and more efficient – but you need the right nutrients to support this process.

Diet is a cornerstone recovery, more specifically high quality proteins provide the raw materials for both the muscle tissue and the nervous system, carbohydrate provides the energy that not only fuels your recovery but also your next training session.

Not all carbs and proteins are the same though, and we have designed XPLODE  including a specific formulation of 6 different proteins and carbs to support your body in hours after training and between meals.

We have included a blend of 6 proteins to give a rounded product using proteins with different qualities to ensure the best possible results. Whey proteins are considered ‘anabolic’, rapidly absorbed for a fast rise in blood amino acids levels and high in the amino acids that can stimulate muscle protein synthesis.  Other medium and slow digesting proteins have been shown by research to be ‘anti-catabolic’, defending your hard earned muscle mass from breakdown over many hours.

Similarly a blend of different carbohydrate sources including Vitargo provides an energy source with different speeds of absorption as well as helping to maintain optimum hydration and cell volumisation.

•Low in fat is it perfect for between meals as well as in the hours after training.

•Blend of high quality proteins for anabolic and anti-catabolic action

•Blend of carbohydrates to assist recovery, energy production and cell volumisation

•Low fat, perfect for between meals and in the hours after training

•Quick and easy to mix, great tasting and convenient high quality nutrition


 The 38% protein bar contains a combination of carbohydrates and proteins to answer your needs and drive your progress. Featuring a combination of Whey and casein proteins from milk proteins the bar supplies a sustained release of amino acids into the blood. We have used a combination of carbohydrates to supply a sustained release of energy to support muscle glycogen stores.


Ideal for in the hour before training as well as after, or as a snack to add quality nutrients to your meals or wherever you need a feed.

•High quality ingredients

•Lean complete whey and casein proteins from milk protein

•A combination carbohydrate source to achieve sustained fuelling

•Ideal for around training

•Tasty, convenient reliable nutrition


Formula 80 offers four different protein content. Casein, milk, whey and egg protein and muscles need karşılar.albu of protein highly L-methionine and L-cysteineiçermektedir.buamino acids in protein metabolism important role oynarlar.kolay of digestible (absorbed) whey protein, within 30 minutes musculature support sağlar.böyle by post-exercise muscle growth is quickly hand olur.dig longer supported casei and milk proteins due to absorbed in the body within the amino acid supplementation is to 7 hours.


Protein is the building block of lean muscle, but for best results it needs to be high quality protein. When you’re away from home or the gym finding the right food can be a problem. 

Whilst carbs, fats and water are easy to get hold of, finding the right proteins in the right amounts is often difficult and expensive.  

The Power pack XXL Bar supplies 50g of high quality protein from a 3 protein matrix whilst containing only 3 grams of insulin impacting carbs. 

Featuring whey protein, a great source of BCAA’s, casein a slow digested protein which gives a sustained amino acid release, as well as egg protein which 

further improves the protein quality.

The Power pack XXL Bar is serious muscle nutrition, with minimal fuss, when and where you need it.

•50g of protein per bar

•Whey for fast released BCAA rich protein

•Casein protein with sustained amino acid release

•Egg protein, regarded as one of the highest quality proteins available

•3g of impact carbs ensures you’re getting the protein in a form that supports lean mass, not fat mass


Fast Protein

Whey protein hydrosolate is a protein chopped up into small easy to absorb ‚peptides‘ that are very quickly absorbed by the body producing surge of amino acids, 

the type shown to trigger the synthesis of protein in muscle.