When aerobic and step is done properly, it can be useful but when it is done wrong it can cause serious back, leg and joint pains. Fatih Fitslim in all gyms, fitness center, aerobic steps are for everyone of every age group of people who can participate in exercises. Cardiovascular expert coaches work without any health problems to keep your body in shape, get rid of excess weight, tightening up hips and buttocks. Zones targeted and managed in the best way. Fındıkzade service is offering high quality service approach in step aerobics rooms, Fitslim Sports Club is here for everyone.

Fatih guests have enterede all of the sports salons all around the area but the best gym became Fitslim Sports Club which is big enough for everybody, its lenth is 1300m2.

Fitslim Sports Complexes; Fatih Sports Hall, Çapa Sports Hall, Fındıkzade Sports Hall, Kocamustafapaşa Sports Hall, Yedikule Sports Hall, Cerrahpaşa Sports Hall. Out of all of these Sports Salons the best one was chosen Fitslim Sports Complex; this is because it is a very clean and trustfull salon. The members are all very qualified people as so as the workes aswell. After step yoga classes, we welcome you to our cafeteria and rest while drinking your tea, if you like stretching lessons we offer you the opportunity to participate in them.

What is step aerobics? What are the benefits? If you ask...

Step-aerobics is a sport you do during listening to music, opening of stretching movements. 

When fitness is done with much force to lose or gain weight it can burdensome for such purposes as may be far-fetched. Because it is accompanied by weight loss and weight gain, regular meals and sports situation is quite complicated because it also requires people management.

And so step-aerobics programs eliminate this situation, you do sports with music in a fun ambience with cheerfull people.