Spinning Classes: Kocamustafapaşa, Çapa, Şehremini, Fındıkzade, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace, and Eminönü, Yedikule are between the centers of the first and only Fındıkzade gyms and Fitness Centers but spinning and yoga classes are best to do at the Fitslim Sports Club. After spinning lesson of yoga (meditation) lessons you can relax your body and mind also you can relieve your fatigue. Yoga and spinning starts for the first time in the course of Fatih and Fındıkzade which continues in the Fitslim Fitness Center. 

If you ask. What is Spinning? What are the benefits?

"Spinning" is called aerobic exercise which is don on a bike specially designed fixed. A music player and a coach that motivates you as you turn the pedal, so that it speaks to simulate your like you are riding outdoors. It says; "Now you'll leave on a high hill, and yet you do not see the peak"... speed continuous keeps on changing during the course. Sometimes as fast as you can, and sometimes slow. This looks into yourself and your body, so your mind is trying to help you work. 


Course content is first and foremost of a group of aerobic spinning which i a very good cardiovascular exercise. However, it has the effect of improving aerobic endurance. Besides regular cardiovascular exercises to reduce your body fat ratio and to strengthen our hearts and provide a healthier work. This also improves the strength of the heart by preventing early tierdness. Spinning lessons improve the durability of energy and heart to provide one to one of the best of fat burning. In addition to these, standing and sitting on the bike while spinning, the various combinations of speed and pedal resistors, playing the central body (abdomen and lower back) region can provide running legs tightening. 


To reduce the rate of body fat you need to do cardiovascular exercises. Treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, steppers, rowing and swimming are some of the cardiovascular exercises you can do at the gym. But as the every day routine and boring after a while, the cardio machines as well as the future development of the body will start to slow down. Changing continuously over time to continue the development of routine exercises should drive the development of the body's surprise. Group lessons are a fun alternative to a significant benefit in this regard. Spinning is the the highest pace in group lessons in a fun and fat burning aerobic activity and physical fitness is one of the best courses for the benefit. Training systems are applied in a variety of spinning classes. Today, in developing training systems for the development of fat burning and endurance INTERVAL TRAINING is one of the most preferred form the benefits systems. From time to time the lower range of the pulse interval training is held and from time to time with different levels of fluctuation that is beneficial for fat loss and fitness training system. Raising and lowering the content of the spinning speed, pedal resistance is increasing and loosening the interval training system. Resistance levels, keeping the pedal to the enhancement of mid-tempo mode, hill climb, increasing the tempo a little more by lowering the resistance of the pedal stroke downhill mode interval training system is implemented by providing. Thus, popular music, with spinning bikes and you need a special design with a highly motivated individual with various combinations which will allow to apply the most useful training system. 


While Spinning you will provide maximum of fat burning, and develop your fitness. By this way, your metabolic rate will accelerate and continue to burn fat even after the course. With popular music and fun at the same time will help you get rid of the stress of the day