Massage is the easiest way to reach to health and also keep healthy. And all of us human beings do this in a spontaneity way. For example when our shoulder is in pain we rub it with our hand, and when we have an head ache we rub our forehead which makes us feel much better. 

Headache, pain, insomnia and stres can be suppressed in a small way: Our hands. The basis of massage is touching in a gentle way and there is also medical evidence to show this. 

In a research that has happened in Harvard Medical School; patients were separeted in two different groups to go into such operations. The anesthetist visited the patients a day before the operation and told one of the groups how the operation will be the nect they, he gave them information. But he also spent five more minutes with every single patient, he sat with them and holded there hands to give them comfort. And after the operation has been done the patients that met the anesthetist only took half of the medicine according to the other group and they got discharged out of the hospital three days earlier than the other patients. This event shows everybody that being friendly helps everyone to keep more healthy and feel more better. This is a strong effect.

Massage has helpful affects on people; it arranges the circulation, loosens the muscles, helps your digestion and makes your lymphatic system activate faster which helps you waste the dirt away from the body. Depending on being friendly and nice to someone helps that person to heal much quicker because they feel themselves better which can not be compared to medicines. 

Explore the health and beauty that comes with massage!