About Us

About Us

A big warm hello from Fitslim to all sport lovers!

24 years of bodybuilding and fitness experience enhanced Fitslim Fitness Centre offering your service, Fındıkzade district has had this hall since 2006. The name of Fitslim stays in shape and fit to be seen, this experience, fitness, weight gain, weight loss, massage, cellulite treatments, fitness, cardio, strength training, a sauna, gym, strengthened by adding a lengthening and specialist staff.

The fitness center isfully equipped with cardio equipment, treadmills with an LCD screen TV. It opens in the morning at 06:30 AM until 24:00 PM, and on Sundays from 09:00 AM in the morning until 21:00 PM at night.

Our aim is:
To welcome you to the gym before you go to work in the morning, before going to eat lunch or dinner. There is a high quality sports hall for you in Fındıkzade!

Fitslim targeting to make you have a healthy sportive life. With its wonderfull sauna, vitamin bar, cardio and its garden which is full of plants and flowers offers you a decent environment. Fitslim is a hygienic environment also with quality sports. Each guest has a self-study program to prepare and has a healthy diet to get results and provide programs to lose weight without starving.