Group lessons - yoga

Under developing technology and hard life conditions, how may people can tell about truth happienes? Only you can tell how happy you are . However, for most people  today's terms and conditions of the life is just an open way to anxiety and depression . People are looking for the way to go out of life conditions . The physical breakdown, mental depressions, psychological problems need a way for being throw out . Sometimes even it can be a cigarette , a little alcohol, drugs or sleeping pills for some of us . This is, of course, cause the soul and physic problems in the end. So how the person can protect himself from the problems createt by his own? At this point Yoga appears .

Yoga , its origins rooted in India is a philosophy, a way of life . The goal of it is to find mental and physical pease in your own . All what u need you can find inside of you. Yoga is one of the most effective methods in regard to recognition of one's self . Yoga is not a religion . Recognition of one's self , and thus an in-depth self- motion capture is based on the harmony of the universe . People learn to feel a deep love to everything which exist in this world. This prevents damages and dissapoints in the future.


Before tell that you are ready to know all aspects of yoga you have to learn the techniques of proper breathing and exactly correct postures . First, do not keep your breathe, then keep shure that u breathe through the nose and that your mouth should be closed . Face muscles ,eyes, and ears must be relaxed. Physical shape of the body should be natural . Wrong posture prevents breath change . After any yoga position (posture) u have to lie down for 10-15 minutes to make another relaxation movements . Your mind has to be passive while your body is active.


First of all after you learn right way of breath your life quality will rise, health improves. Heart rate enter the order . Therefore, it is a safeguard against heart attack . Regulates blood pressure and circulatory system . The nervous system starts to relax by its own. This depression, panic attacks, etc. are overcome more quickly . Muscles are being relaxed . You can do yoga during the pregnansy, also use the breath techniques during giving birth, and its a big benefit when you are already being mom.