Spinning can be named as closed area for cycling (indoor cycling).  It was found by ultra-endurance cyclist Jonathan "Johnny G" Goldberg. Johnny G create spinning bikes and similar road conditions and structures which we are seing and feeling uring outdor busicling. Fitness, rhythm and endurance improves.

During running, especially the (concrete) the strike on hard floors (impact) is not formed due to the effect of spinning in a circular motion is another plus. A session lasts approximately 45 minutes, depending on the condition of time and training intensity can be organized. Done in groups with loud music will increase your motivation, sense of competition offers to you more enjoyable cardio workout. By burning nearly 500-900 calories per session also you are working with quadriceps muscles of the legs and hip muscles which are helping us to make an intensive workout.

Note: Till your heart get used to the regular spinning lessons do not forget to make easy warm-up to prepare yourself for make the lesson in a healthy way. Also do not forget to meet with your instructor face by face before the first lesson.