Yoga is a combination of the different movements of the body, mind, and spirit of self-improvement and is a rather old system. Flex runs all parts of the body. Attainment of Yoga makes us reach peace in mind and soul. The entire body relaxes. The ability to provide a high level at the same time allows the flow of energy. Yoga is a rather old system to help the body, mind, and spirit of self-improvement. The yoga that is done properly keeps the body constantly alive and makes a balanced metabolism, a strong regular blood circulation will be kept up. Yoga brings peace and happiness to the mind and soul. Provides the flexibility of th body. Safes and helps the joints, internal organs and the nervous system. This gives you power and strengthens you up. Helps the organs to work properly and regularly teaches breathing, solves the problems of the digestive. And allows running at the normal balance of the spine, nervous system. Provides emphasis and allows the production of positive thoughts of the mind, strengthens the whole body, refreshes the body, gives comfort, calms and teaches you to be patient.