Pilates is recognized around the whole world as it sees a lot of interest. Fatih and Fındıkzade clubs have, pilates, zumba and dance classes for women. As they wish. Fındıkzade district has these courses as a method of rehabilitation and physiotherapy based on to Fitslim Fitness Center in the Fatih district, Sultanahmet and Kocamustafapaşa gyms for women in sports centers, so a lot of women, although its male mixed. Pilates  classes, stretching classes, spinning classes, step lessons with expert trainers and aerobics classes before making fat measurement and analysis to people of all ages can take pleasure in pilates, Conqueror after the sport and fitness. Fitslim Sports Club is the first and only specialized club with quality trainers and our staff invites you to play sports in a healthy and hygienic environment. 

Cerrahpaşa gyms are good, so you can get the best quality service from here and you can understand the difference between a fitness center and sports complex in the center of the biggest sports salon witch is Fındıkzade districts most biggest hall; Fitslim Sports Club. 

If you ask... What is Pilates? What are the benefits?

The name of the technique of Pilates comes from Joseph Pilates who was born in 1880s in Germany Düsseldorf. During his childhood he dealed with asthma and rheumatism and slow struggled into Pilates, skiing and gymnastics. He developed his body at a young age. In the early 1912's, the UK circus acrobat, boxer and detectives who got teached and learnt self-defense by Pilates during the First World War was declared an enemy camp in Lancaster. Pilates developed his own technique, where he did nursing attendants at the camp and after he developed his self than he taught the technique to the soldiers. The flu epidemic in 1918 caused the death of many people in the UK but because of the the technique Pilates has applied in the camp he had work, thanks to him none of the people in the camp has died. 

After the war in Germany Pilates continued to develop , and he teached the city policemen the method of Pilates. He emigrated to the United States in the early 1926 and he opened his studio there. Most of Graham, Balanchine dancers likd  the Pilates method and became increasingly common among them. 

 Still now in the # 21 century Pilates is adopted by Madonna, Hugh Grant, Britney Spears and Julia Roberts and lots of other famous people. Pilates aimed to create a strong body  so he did exercise for the whole body for a long time which provides basic movements that are about up to 30-40 moves. Joseph Pilates gave the method "contrology" name which the integrity of the mind and body balances together, breathing and movement is a synthesis of systems. To protect the joints and bones, muscle strengthening, stretching, and strengthening the abdominal muscles, especially based on a system of internality. 

Joseph Pilates described his exercise like: "In three lessons you will feel the difference, in ten lessons you will see the difference and in twenty lessons you'll have a completely different body" 

Pilates exercises aims to strengthen the abdominal and back areas equally, the upper part of the body is to create a solid framework. According to Pilates, the body center, consists of deep muscles and the muscles closest to the backbone. Classic exercises tends to weak muscles, weight loss and strengthening muscles stronger. This is an unbalanced muscle structure which can lead to chronic back pain and disability. In Pilates muscle structure is turned into a whole bone. Although you would not lose weight you can still appear thinner. Injuries is difficult. Strength increases but your metabolism speeds up. 8 out of every 10 people at some time in their life is under the influence of the musculoskeletal system and the problem remains. If the spine is not used properly, the body will be unbalanced , poor posture and will have sitting positions to remain for a long time and repeated movements, muscle tension, fatigue and stress leads to an increasingly painful muscle spasms. Emerges as a result of complaints of back and neck pain in people. 

Six Principles of Pilates

- Concentration: Concentrate on doing Pilates movements in harmony with the body and how it works, and which ones are not used to pay attention to which muscles need to use. 

- Control: In the pilates method there is, as shown in the application, to control the movements in the body is a good rest and have the potential of preventing disabilities. 

- Centering: In the pilates method there is, moving towards the belly, waist and hip circumference. Centering provides stretch and yawning. 

- Smooth Motion: The moves must be done without rushing through each point, but also to the individual should'nt be stopped. 

- Certainty: Not full of vague movement should be performed. Movements must be coordinated with each another.

- Exhalation: The back and bottom of the ridge without panic breathing deep breathing should be through all the breath to blow out completely. 

Pilates has Yoga hosts and the Eastern and Western philosophies, Dance, endurance-strength workouts and gymnastics inside it. Pilates was set by Joseph Pilates in 1920 to associate the mind and body. Exercise method with controlled movements are close up to 500 endurance, flexibility and the ability to move the body with muscle development and body posture developed. The difference of the other exercises from Pilates is the method and application form. Pilates helps the mind, body movements, abdominal-back region to develop, making focuses on body coordinations. Pilates helps the whole body to move on and run. Stomach-back (core) region, running and increase the durability of the spine consists of chains of moves to improve the mobility of joints. To summarize, Pilates improves core region, increases muscle strength and helps body posture exercises to correct provides.

Who can do Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system full of exercises that people of all ages can easily apply. Pilates exercises can also adapt people with disabilities to itself. Thus, the physical and mental relaxation, harmony and body awareness can be achieved. Dancers and artists are particularly preferred, because it provides an image of muscle growth while providing tight muscles. Pilates also is in the treatment of disorders of posture, flexibility and balance in gaining attempt, disability, rehabilitation can be used as an effect. Pregnant women can benefit from concentration and breath work programmatically. 

Benefits Summary

- Provides a tight and strong abdominal muscles.

- Creates strong and flexible muscles.

- Supports posure.

- Provides muscle control.

- Provides relaxation by affecting the circulatory system.

- Increases the level of physical fitness.

- Reduces the risk of injury.

- Increases the power of concentration.

- Improves athletic performance.

- Develops self-confidence.

Should be continuity

The most important feature of Pilates is stretching the entire body and opening between the vertebrae. Thus, no congestion is occurring in the body and the length of time extending. If you do Pilates at least twice a week then your lenth will grow up. How much open, the longer the spine. Continue in the sport to keep fit and to prevent the need to re-agglomerate.