In June of 2012, I went overboard with my friends, of course, as seen in the picture because of my excess weight I'd prefer secluded beaches. We have taken pictures with our friends and I was shocked when I saw myself. I was carrying in my lumbar region almost lifeline broke my spirits wonderfully at peace with my weight so far I've been fooling myself saying, Who would not want a fit body. One day I made ​​a promise, and the next summer feet with a body on the beaches size'll show you, I said, in the evening I came home on the internet Conqueror in fındıkzade, anchor, Şehremini, Pazartekke gyms as I did a search, the first I have encountered page Fitsl Sports Salonu'y was. Since there is no knowledge about the sport to me that the first priority was cleanliness and hygiene in the hall there was a tool I'm looking for tools did not know already. As far as I viewed Web pages looked very clean and hygienic salon the next day and wanted to see it up close Fatih Fındıkzade '' I went to the gym located in the fitsl. Hoxha and hostess warmly greeted friends and hall were introduced, I liked their interest and relevance and immediately I made my own. Then I met with Olcay teacher and me exercise and nutrition programs provide information about techniques and Olcay exiting the words of my teacher my best effort I raised myself. I basically taught exercise and nutrition program for life to shed some light sports such an experienced teacher next start for me was fortunate, perhaps another in the hall a disinterested teacher and If I did work today in this state can not be development not saying sports starting could leave a full one year later, in 2013 in July I went to the beach with the body I wanted to keep my promise to myself, and I am now more healthy and self-esteem higher. Then I decided to improve myself and I was able to improve with each passing day, I'm trying to better myself. Thank you again, I'm at the moment Olcay Fitsl sports teacher. The first day will not you give advice to my mind ...

Yasin İPEK

joined Fitslim sports club at the last months of 2009, sports center between the participating teachers experiences and their determination to Yasin has Silk Fitslim about 20 months, and he said hello to his new body, he gave 54 pounds away.

Olcay Dal has 20 years of experience in the Fitslim sports center, he is the manager and personnel manager. As a result of training Yasin Silk gets a new image thanks to his trainers.  Since 2009, Mr. Yasin has been at the Fitslim Fitness Center to get rid of the fats in his body and now his sports carries on every day which helps him to continue to live in a healthy way. 


In 2011 members join Fitslim Sports Center Sports Center Alper Akoğlu fitsl experience of instructors and their determination by about 14 months, 40 pounds, said hello to her new life. Olcay fitsl Sports Center Senior manager of the branch staff with 20 years of experience as a result of training Alper Akoğlu gained a new image. Alper Akoğlu still fitsl Sports Centre within the framework of development programs in the body fat burning workout continues.

Mustafa Metin MÜFTÜOĞLU

Came to the Fındıkzade - Fatih districts one and only Fitslim center at January 2012. He came down here with kilo problems and he got help from Mr. Olcay who gave him a 1 year health and body fat analysis. He worked for this program and in the end he reached his dream look. When I look t the photos I get so glad that I chose Fitslim Sports Club. A big thankyou too all my teachers who helped me out, I am still a member of Fitslim Sports Club. It's a good choice.


joined the Fitness Center in 2011, Mr. Ayhan reached all of the targets he had planned for his self in ??1,5 years.

My coach Mr. Olcay made me up some oil analysis programs which I used and now I am more healthy, I said hello to my new life thanks to him.

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