ZUMBA, is an mix of music and choreography steps which are putting you into the party atmosphere . Mostly it is prefered with Latin and American music, but also sometimes jazz , pop, country, hip-hop and African rhythms u can find in our lessons music .

Created in the 90s by Alberto  Perez kind of sport today exists in 110 countries , 90,000 different places , and reach 10 million people .

Who can do Zumba ?

Zumba is suitable for anyone who can get up and dance . Dancing here is extremely liberal term. Therefore, you do not need to have prior dance experience or dance ability . People in every age , with every body type and body size can participate in Zumba classes . If u can move your hips and enjoy music , this course is for you!

Zumba and health

 Zumba as a dance- type of aerobic exercise helps you to increase the resistance of cardiopulmonary.

What to wear to Zumba lesson?

Its very important to wear comfortable cloth that helps your skin to breath well, which helps you to make dance movements and will not let you swet. Because of the popularity of the lesson studio is getting hot very quickly. Thats why we sugesting you to take with yourself an extra cloth. Also do not forget to take a comfortable pair of shoes.

Where you can make Zumba in Turkey?

You can join this lesson nearly in every sports club. But nowhere you can take that much fun as much as In Fitslim Sports and Wellness center. Our zum-ba trainers are sertificated and will going to make you enjoy with different choreography and musics.

Tips for  Zumba

For the first lesson we want you to come 10 minutes earlier for introduce yourself to zumba instructor. You can ask what you need for the lesson and where you can take your place in the studio for the first time so it will help you to enjoy. Do not get angry if you cant do well at a first time - no one done it. You will get used after couple of lesson. If you do not like zumba instructor u can join another lesson with another trainer.

Zumba is one of the most high-intensive kind of exersize and u will really enjoy! You will never feel that you are making sports during listening music. Join to out Zumba class!