After fitness the best thing to do is sweat and get rid of the toxins from your body.

Our saunas are separate for ladies and gentleman, they are all seperate and very clean also there is no cost for it. The most important thing about our saunas are that they are very clean and healthy. Thanks to our saunas you will feel very positive and fresh.

Our sauna program is three times a week which helps your body to keep fresh and look more healthy.

As you have read our saunas are separeted as male and female groups which where you can relax and take a day off.  The good thing about the saunas are that there is no specific target about them.  To protect human nature saunas are ideal to get rid of the stres from ourselves.

İn a word saunas have extremly good ways for human beans. Sauna is a place where you sit inside a small warm room whic heats up as you want and makes you sweat. All you do is sit and relax. When your inside a passive situation its better to sweat off in quality.

When you sweat inside a sauna it makes all your tiredness go away from your body and makes you feel more energetic. When you sweat this is healthy and good beacuse you get rid of the toxic peaces away from your body and it helps our metobolism.

Between the heat of your body and the pulse of your heart there is a emotional connection.

İncluding the heat inside the sauna the heat on your body also increases, and you pulse also increases too. Depending on how much you rest inside a sauna your pulse can increase about 50% - 60% and also in a minute it can go up to 100 - 150 beats.

Beacuse of the fast increasement on your pulse there will be a little fast movement on your systole (blood pressure). And beacuse of this the load is lower according to the circulatory system. Even though your not used to do training much you can still use a sauna with no health problems. When we compare our successfull sportsmans pulse against a 90 C warm sauna, you can tell that staying in a sauna only 15 minutes is almost as same as a 3000 m. run.

And beacuse of this using a sauna ordely is believed to be healthy. Our members who use our saunas agreed that it affects them in a good way for there mind and also for physical feelment. 

As sauna helps you feel very fresh and good but it also makes your skin look more fresh and bright, and you wont only feel clean but you will also have a very clean and hygienic skin. 

Sauna helps you to relax and it also makes you feel calm and helps you to keep away from stres and problems. Because of the increasment of antibody in saunas it helps to keep the immune system strong, and it makes us human beans stay strong against the external factors outdoors. By the way; saunas have a affect on airways. After doing your exercise going inside a sauna helps you to get rid of the pain on your muscles which is caused by lactic acid, when you sweat you get rid of this acid from your body.