It's a great compound; it's not toxic, has no risk factors and is therefore safe for use as a weight loss enhancement. It is able to accomplish this by its impact on fat

it boosts the body's metabolic rate and also converts fat stored in your body into energy. Added bonuses It also stops fat from building up in organs like the heart and liver. 

It improves the function of both the heart and liver and it boosts your overall energy levels. Thus, fat is burned up more quickly and effectively.


Multipower Double Effect 45 Capsules - Weight Managment 

 * 45 capsules 

 * Burns fat, stops fat cells growing and supports muscle mass 

 * Helps to contol appetite 

 * Formula not reliant on stimulants therefore effect does not decrease over time 

 * Supports health by helping to maintain a healthy immune system 


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (59%), Gelatine (Capsule), Capsicum Extract (6.55%), Green Tea Extract (4.4%), L-Tyrosine (4.4%), Water, Grapefruit Extract, modified Starch, 

Niacin, Curcuma Extract, Zinc Oxide, Colours: Titanium Dioxide and Yellow Iron Oxide, Anti-Caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Chromium (III) Chloride, 

Sodium Iodide. Contains Soya. 

Nutrition Information per 3 capsules 

Energy 62kJ/15kcal 

Protein 0.5g 

Carbs 0.15g 

 of which sugars <0.1.g 

Fat 1.4g 

 of which saturated fatty acids < 0.1g 

Fibre <0.1g 

Sodium 0g 

CLA 1359mg 

Capsicum Extract 150mg 

Green Tea Extract 100mg 

Grapefruit Extract 30mg 

Curcuma Extract 15mg 

Vitamin B1 2.5ug 

Folacin 200ug 

Niacin 16mg 

Zinc 10mg 

Iodine 150ug 

Chromium 40ug 

 * Outer Capsule Phase 1: Quick release of CLA to help start the fat burning process 

 * Inner Capsule Phase 2: Active ingredients are digested slowly to help during and after your workout 

 * Caffeine free, so great for those sensitive to caffeine 

 CLA, a naturally occurring fatty acid found in our diet (milk, beef and dairy products), inhibits fat cell storage, in effect shrinking the fat cell. 

It aids muscle growth by stimulating enzymes present in mucle cells. The net effect: better recovery and more lean mass, even better for fat burning. 

 * Capsicum Extract supports thermogenesis and helps to burn fat - perfect to support fat burning during training. 

 Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols which support the immune system. 

 Grapefruit Extract contains high levels of the polyphenol Naringin which lowers blood fatty acids 

 Curcuma Extract lowers cholesterol and fat 

 Folic Acid is important to build red blood cellss (oxygen suppy to the fat burning muscles)


"Those who want to lose weight"

Easy to use, with unique taste and superior performance allows you to obtaining energy from fat cells and promotes weight loss.