There are many benefits of solarium. 

Some of these are: The light emitted from the skin organism, physical occurrences of the brain that regulates the uptake of oxygen accelerates and makes us feel good about ourselves.

Vitamin D production in the body takes place by the light of the sun and tanning beds.  Vitamin D is calcium to strengthen bones and protect against Osteoporose. Laughter and positive energy reliefs to the brain and activates the light which comes out of the center. 

Amount of laughter reduces stress. 

It is good for the skin of acne and is used to treat certain skin diseases such as psoriasis and neurodermitis. 

There is an extremely positive psychological effects of sunlight on people

According to the research done, most of the suicides happen in winter times.

Blood carries more oxygen, the more calories consumed and the amount of fat in the blood decreases.

İnfections more easily responds to the red blood cells to become stronger. The secretion of endorphins is that the hormone of happiness, solarium, increases sexual power.